Happy Halloween!

“Frost bites the lawn.

The stars are slits

In a black cat’s eye

Before she spits.

At last, small witches,

Goblins, hags,

And pirates armed with paper bags,

Their costumes hinged

On safety pins,

Go haunt a night

Of pumpkin grins.”

-John Updike

Today was the Halloween celebration at the school. In true Montessori fashion, the children spent the morning baking and decorating their own homemade treats for the classroom party.

In the afternoon, the children assembled outside to enjoy a perfect fall afternoon and some delicious refreshments. The children shared some apple cider, pumpkin loaf, fruit, and sugar cookies.

No sooner were the tables cleared and their little faces washed clean of frosting then it was time for the children to put on their costumes for the Halloween costume parade.

Let the rumpus begin…

There was barely a witch, ghost, or spook in sight; instead we were overrun by a motley crew of beautiful princesses and mermaids, Greek gods and goddesses, exuberant cowboys, ticklish space explorers, spirited unicorns, fierce werewolves, and an eclectic mix of wild beasts.

My assistant, Katie, put together one of the best costumes I have ever seen for an early childhood classroom- she came as an injured monkey (that fell off the bed!)- the children got the joke right away and were very amused!

Happy haunting!